MrBeast recently raked in an impressive $263,000 in ad revenue after sharing his latest video on X, but the popular YouTube figure isn’t entirely convinced that the numbers tell the whole story. Expressing his thoughts on Twitter, MrBeast suggested that the attention garnered by his video led advertisers to purchase ads, potentially inflating his revenue per view compared to typical experiences.

Since Elon Musk took control of Twitter (now X), the platform has been actively working to entice creators with new avenues for earning money, such as a share of ad revenue from their posts. Eager to be taken seriously, Musk may have found the key influencer to woo in MrBeast, boasting more subscribers than any other individual on YouTube.

Despite MrBeast’s admiration for Musk, practical business considerations took precedence. In response to Musk’s (perhaps indirect) request for him to post videos on X, MrBeast pointed out the substantial cost of his productions, noting that even with a billion views on X, it wouldn’t cover a fraction of the expenses. However, he expressed a willingness to explore the platform once monetization gains significant traction.

It appears that monetization on X is indeed picking up steam, as evidenced by MrBeast’s recent experiment. In a 16-minute video last week, he openly expressed his curiosity about the ad revenue potential on X. A week later, he shared a screenshot revealing impressive metrics: 156 million impressions, 5 million engagements, and a substantial $263,655 in ad revenue.

Despite these promising results, some users raised concerns during MrBeast’s test, suggesting that X may have treated the video as if it were an advertisement, potentially influencing engagement metrics. This nuance could be what MrBeast refers to when he describes his monetization success as “a facade.”

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