Telegram, in its latest wave of updates for the month of January, is introducing several exciting features, making the user experience even more dynamic and interactive. Among the highlights is the expansion of the ‘view-once’ functionality to encompass both voice and video messages, building on the success of its initial introduction to photos and videos in one-on-one chats back in September 2023.

Users now have the flexibility to start recording a voice or video message and, with a simple swipe up, activate the ‘view-once’ feature. This grants recipients the opportunity to experience the content just once, adding an element of ephemeral charm to multimedia communication.

An additional enhancement includes the newfound ability to pause and resume recording for both voice and video messages, providing users with greater control and convenience. This feature is seamlessly integrated into the existing menu, making the recording process more user-friendly.

In response to user feedback, Telegram is also rolling out read-time controls for private one-on-one chats. This feature allows individuals to see when their message has been read by the recipient, with the option to disable this function available in the settings for those who prefer added privacy.

For premium users, Telegram is introducing exclusive features to elevate the messaging experience. Premium users can now discreetly hide their own read time while retaining the ability to view others’ read times if shared publicly. Additionally, premium users gain the power to decide who can initiate conversations with them, with the option to choose between “Everyone” or a more selective “My Contacts and Premium User” setting.

This announcement follows last month’s updates, which focused on enhancing channel discovery and customization. Telegram continues to prioritize user satisfaction by optimizing call functionalities with end-to-end encryption, ensuring minimal impact on device battery life. Furthermore, the bot platform has been refined to enable bots to react to messages, manage reactions, quotes, and links, as well as send replies to other chats or topics, adding a layer of interactivity to automated interactions.

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