Most popular iphone app 2023

It’s that time of the year when we unveil the most buzzworthy apps on the Apple App Store, and the results are in. Temu, the sensational Chinese e-commerce giant, has clinched the top spot as the most downloaded free app in the U.S. for 2023, leaving even the mighty Amazon in its wake.

In a surprising twist, apps from Chinese-based companies have dominated the charts, edging out U.S. tech giants like Meta and Google. CapCut and TikTok, the brainchildren of Beijing-based ByteDance, secured the third and fifth positions, respectively.

Meta, formerly known for its stronghold with WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook, has undergone a transformation. Facebook is notably absent from this year’s list, making way for Meta’s new app, Instagram Threads, which claimed the third spot in the U.S. downloads. Instagram and WhatsApp slipped a bit in position from the previous year.

Google, once a powerhouse on the list with multiple entries, has scaled down to just two apps in the top 10—Google Search at No. 7 and YouTube at No. 8. It appears the winds of change are blowing, suggesting that U.S. tech giants might be approaching a market saturation point.

The shift in app downloads might also indicate a growing interest in Chinese apps, notably those from ByteDance. Despite TikTok facing some challenges and slipping from the top spot, the data reveals that U.S. consumers are still drawn to Chinese apps, with Temu taking the lead. According to Apptopia, users are spending a whopping 18 minutes per day on Temu, surpassing the engagement time on Amazon.

Temu’s success can be attributed to its in-app games and attractive bargain prices, especially appealing during economic downturns. The app’s heavy marketing efforts have clearly paid off, echoing the strategies that propelled TikTok to its No. 1 ranking last year.

Breaking the Meta-Google-China triad in the top 10 is Max (formerly HBO Max), claiming the third spot in U.S. downloads—a testament to the diverse app landscape shaping up in 2023.

Switching gears to the paid apps arena, smaller developers and productivity tools have taken center stage. Shadowrocket, HotSchedules, and Procreate Pocket lead the pack, showcasing a market that values quality content and functionality.

For gaming enthusiasts, familiar faces like Roblox, Call of Duty: Mobile, and Subway Surfers continue to dominate the free games category. However, MONOPOLY GO! claimed the throne this year, introducing a fresh dynamic to the top ranks.

Minecraft, the Microsoft-owned blockbuster, leads the paid games list, joined by popular titles like Heads Up!, Geometry Dash, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Beyond iPhones, Apple’s feature extends to iPads, offering insights into the top apps and games for the year. Streaming apps, particularly Max, YouTube, and Netflix, shine on the free iPad apps list. Kid-friendly titles like Toca Life: Hospital and Teach Your Monster to Read feature prominently in the iPad games category.

And let’s not forget Apple Arcade, the subscription gaming store, showcasing a unique set of top games, including NBA 2K23 Arcade Edition and Cooking Mama: Cuisine!

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