A batman and superman lego brick.
  • Lego has ditched efforts to make its bricks from sustainable materials according to a Financial Times report.
  • The company had kicked off efforts in 2020 to replace its plastic bricks.
  • The Danish toymaker said it found new material led to even higher carbon emissions.

Giant toymaker Lego has pulled efforts to replace plastic bricks for sustainable material bricks. According to the Financial Times, Lego’s CEO said they had tested various materials to replace plastic, but the effort has not borne any fruit.

Lego had looked to replace oil-based plastic bricks with ones made from sustainable materials by the end of the decade.

Lego’s challenges highlight the difficulties companies are facing in eliminating the use of fossil fuels in their products and supply chains as they look to reduce their overall carbon footprint.

Lego produces roughly 100 billion bricks each year and had said in 2021 that it had more than 150 people working on sustainability.

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