How to sift through job offers for a job you will love

Looking to embark on a job hunt in 2024? If you’re envisioning a new position with a fatter paycheck, more exciting prospects, and improved working conditions, that’s fantastic! However, in the pursuit of the positives, it’s equally crucial to consider the potential pitfalls.

In the friendly words of Tom Gimbel, the CEO of LaSalle Network, it’s common for people to get caught up in what they like about a new opportunity. But, he wisely suggests, it’s equally important to reflect on what you dislike about your current job and why you’re seeking a change. It might seem a bit negative, but it’s a practical step to ensure you don’t find yourself in a new situation grappling with the same old issues.

According to Gimbel, the key is to be realistic. Employees today are reassessing the role of work in their lives, and dissatisfaction seems to be on the rise. Gimbel attributes some of this discontent to lofty expectations, pointing out, “We’ve reached a point of entitlement where employees believe they should love every aspect of their job. That’s unrealistic; there are very few things we love 100%.”

Instead, Gimbel advocates for honesty. Being honest with yourself about what you don’t like can guide you in steering clear of potential pitfalls. Moreover, he suggests a proactive approach to problem-solving under less-than-ideal conditions. Whether it’s managing up to a challenging boss or acquiring a new skill to streamline your tasks, these efforts can equip you for smoother navigation in your next role.

Lastly, Gimbel poses a thought-provoking question: “Do you want a job, or do you want a career?” Not everyone aspires to continual growth and challenges, and that’s perfectly acceptable, according to him. Some view a job as a means to pay the bills rather than a vocation. The key, he emphasizes, is self-awareness. Before diving into job searches and interviews, it’s crucial to authentically answer the question of whether you want to do the minimum for maximum pay or seek challenges and growth.

In Gimbel’s friendly advice, failing to authentically answer these questions sets you up for potential challenges in any job you undertake. So, before you embark on your job-seeking journey, take a moment to reflect and be genuine with yourself about what truly matters in your professional life.

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