Improved productivity with software

Human resource automation tools can help small businesses create more efficiencies while saving time and money. Additionally, more businesses are embracing remote work and flexible work arrangements hence the need for flexible technologies to help support and empower remote-work. HR functions such as leave management, shift scheduling and time tracking can be automated by using the right technology.

In a broad sense, automation of time tracking and attendance management of employees can help reduce costs that may arise from paying the wrong wages for hours not worked as a result of payroll fraud. This can also increase the productivity and streamline complementary HR functions such as time tracking, shift scheduling and leave management. Moreover, focus on automation will give your company a leg up as you rebuild your business in the aftermath of the pandemic.

What is time and attendance automation?

All too common, businesses employ manual time tracking and attendance management methods. These processes are repetitive and increase the burden of administrative work. Time and attendance software automates those processes allowing more time to employees and managers to focus on their key functions. The successful deployment of time and attendance management automation tools can lead to increased productivity and efficiencies while reducing manipulation of data that can lead to skewed payroll as a result of pay for hours not worked making the HR department a profit center for a company.

How can time and attendance automation help your company?

Time tracking and attendance automation gives flexibility for companies to initiate a two-way street of information allowing employees to access time sheet data and feedback on leave application while employers can be able to edit and publish employee shift schedules and share the same with employees in real-time. For instance, rather than having an employee applying for a day-off waiting for five days before approval or denial, this can be easily done with the automation of the whole process using an appropriate time and attendance tracking software accessed through an app allowing for employee self-service. The time managers would have spent approving individual paper leave applications can then be used in identifying efficiencies that contribute to a positive business outcome for the company.

Key features to look for in an automated time and attendance management software

The features and capabilities of an automated time and attendance management tool will be determined by your needs and how you want the tool to work for you. HR departments that are working on automation of their operations using time tracking and attendance management software can use it for record-keeping, time and attendance management, leave management and scheduling. When looking for a potential time and attendance management tool to adopt, the robustness of the software, user-friendly interface, ability to integrate with existing systems. Also, the ability to support data analysis features such as graphs for visualization of the advanced live statistics. 

Action report generation and the ability to copy or export comprehensive reports generated can also increase the viability of an automated time and attendance tracking tool. When choosing the tool, you should be aware if it supports employee self-service and an advanced management dashboard. 

Benefits of time and attendance management automation

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