For aircraft financing, despite the upward creep of interest rates and market corrections from an overheated status, funding remains readily available. A recent study by Airbus Corporate Jets unveiled optimistic expectations, with 82 percent of U.S.-based business aviation financiers and private jet brokers anticipating an expansion of financing access over the next three years.

While 98 percent believe jet finance rates will remain appealing, nearly half noted a slight rise in cash requirements. Despite this, Bombardier’s executive, Bart Demosky, observed no negative impact due to interest rate hikes; in fact, the industry is witnessing growth, with various financing companies actively supporting business aviation.

Specialty lenders like Global Jet Capital (GJC) are thriving in this market. GJC CEO Vivek Kaushal affirmed that business has remained steady, with maintained appetites and stances consistent with previous years. Kaushal acknowledged the potential challenges with interest rates, noting traditional banks may be narrowing their focus on credit spectrum, creating opportunities for nimble providers like GJC.

Philip Winters, V.P. of Aircraft Sales and Charter Management at Western Aircraft, expressed cautious optimism, acknowledging the evolving landscape. IADA executive director Wayne Starling agreed, noting that traditional banks may face difficulties, especially with non-bank customers. Despite these shifts, interest rates are not the primary factor influencing purchasing decisions, with cash remaining a dominant player.

New players like Jet Support Services Inc. (JSSI) are entering the financial realm, offering alternative solutions. JSSI’s specialty finance unit, launched through the acquisition of Shearwater Global Capital, addresses the gap for mid-vintage aircraft. This niche has become more pronounced with increased interest in older viable business jets due to new market entrants and record-low inventory.

Megha Bhatia, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer at JSSI, emphasized the alternative nature of their lending options, focusing on asset value rather than credit profiles. As interest rates rise, financing becomes a strategic choice for businesses, allowing them to conserve liquidity for more productive use.

In conclusion, the business aviation market remains robust despite interest rate fluctuations. New opportunities arise for those navigating market shifts, and innovative financial solutions like JSSI Aviation Capital are poised to provide flexibility and speed throughout the financing process.

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